Excavator Rentals Alberta

Excavator Rentals Alberta

Excavator rentals in Alberta get a new team going or contribute to one time projects in an economical way. Lethbridge Equipment Rentals offers quality equipment, ready to use, on your back door.

When do I need an excavator?

Excavators are large, diesel-powered devices that are perfect for digging holes, creating trenches or preparing foundations. There are many projects that require an excavator.

When most people think of a shovel used by a construction company, they are imagining an excavator. Popular companies such as Bobcat and JCB offer machines of varying sizes and capabilities but the purpose remains the same.

Which type of excavator do I need?

The type of excavator you need depends on your project and the terrain. The amount of dirt you need to move, clearance, and distance all matter.

A  Bobcat mini X e5 is perfect for farm work and smaller projects. A heavier JCB 220x can move mountains and comes with full suspension and a ten foot boom. Costs vary accordingly.

Finding the machine for you means considering the tradeoffs between cost and capability. A large excavator costs as much as $200,000. Even smaller hardware sells for $30,000 or more.

What are the costs of owning an excavator?

There is more to owning a machine than the sticker price. Maintenance, storage, and opportunity costs are important as well.

You may find that there is less space for hay and other materials. After 5,000 hours of use, your machine will require a complete rebuild as well. Most excavators lose value after 1,000 hours and some even need major maintenance at that point.

Renting v. Owning an Excavator

In contrast to ownership, renting requires almost no additional work. You only need to pay for storage and maintenance while using the excavator.

This can save tens of thousands for the average farm or work crew. Rentals are ideal while growing clientele or performing one-off projects.

Simple Excavator Rental Process

Many are dismayed from renting when considering delivery and return. The cost to rent a trailer and in manpower hours seems untenable.

Lethbridge Equipment Rentals can deliver and pick up your rented excavator without adding significant cost to your project. Avoid hidden costs with our help.

Four Step Rental Process

In addition to pickup and delivery, our four step rental process helps youtube the equipment you need on time. The standardized process is tried and true.

Contact our sales team or visit our online booking platform, prove or obtain insurance, and schedule delivery. When ready, get in touch with us to return your excavator. We successfully deal with many clients in Alberta.

Excavators Rentals in Alberta

Excavator rentals in Alberta are the perfect way to cut costs and receive the equipment you need when you need it. Our simple process and online booking platform help you fill your needs quickly.

Visit our online platform today. Contact our team or book your equipment from the comfort of your own property. Visit our store without traveling to Lethbridge. 

Excavator Rentals Alberta

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